10 Best Types of Coffee Original from Indonesia with Number One Quality

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One kind of natural wealth owned by Indonesia is coffee, and a few of these kinds of Indonesian best coffee have been heard commonly worldwide. After Brazil, Vietnam, and Colombia, Indonesia has even been ranked as the 4th best world-class coffee producer. Maybe there are still many of you who don’t know that Indonesia has a variety of delicious coffees and different characteristics, as we will review below.

1. Toraja Coffee 

Toraja coffee from South Sulawesi, more precisely the Toraja mountains, produces two types of the world’s best coffee, namely Toraja Arabica coffee and Robusta Arabica coffee. This coffee has a difference in caffeine content but with the same high acidity level and only leaves a momentary bitter taste, so it is very popular with coffee lovers in the world.

2. Kintamani Coffee

The next type of native Indonesian coffee is Bali Kintamani coffee which grows on the slopes of Mount Batur. This coffee plant is planted under a shade tree and given organic fertilizer so that it has a unique taste of citrus and a low acidity level so that it is liked by many coffee lovers.

3. Mandailing Coffee

Mandailing coffee is a type of coffee brought by the Dutch to Indonesia in 1699, which was then planted in Sumatra, more precisely in Mandailing Natal, Pakantan Regency, North Sumatra. This coffee has been extremely popular on the planet because 1878 has a really strong taste and scent and is grown in the Mandailing plains, making this coffee extremely unique.

4. Gayo Coffee

Gayo coffee is a type of Arabica coffee that is very famous in the world from Central Aceh in the Gayo Highlands. Many world coffee lovers say that this coffee has a very distinctive taste when compared to Arabica coffee grown in other regions.

This coffee has a low acidity but a strong bitter taste and has even been awarded the Fair Trade Certified as one of the best coffees in the world, which is now exported to America, Europe, and Asia.

5. Flores Coffee

Not only famous for its beautiful natural charm, but Flores is also a producer of the best types of coffee, which is also famous in the world. Coffee that thrives on volcanic ash from the volcano has a fruity aroma and a hint of tobacco that makes the taste and aroma of this coffee very unique.

6. Java Coffee

This type of coffee, which has been exposed since the 17th century, is still the best choice for Dutch officials with the aroma of spices. This wet grinding process also makes Javanese coffee very delicious and one of the highest quality coffees in the world.

7. Lanang Coffee

Lanang coffee has a single round shape and does not have cleavage in the middle of the bean-like other types of coffee. The name lanang itself is taken from the Javanese language, which means male because there are many benefits of this coffee for men, so that the price of lanang coffee is somewhat higher than other coffees.

8. Civet coffee

Perhaps this type of coffee is most familiar to the ears of young people today, which is produced in very limited, rare, and at the same time costly for just one cup of Kopi Luwak. This coffee is taken from civet droppings because it cannot be digested and will come out again intact but with a very different taste and is the most expensive coffee to date.

9. Wamena Coffee

As the name recommends, this kind of coffee grows in the Wamena Mountains with a light but extremely aromatic scent because farmers utilize natural products to produce the coffee plant. The trademark of this coffee is its extremely initial taste, no dregs, fragrant, and likewise does not leave a sour taste on your tongue.

10. Sidikalang Coffee

Sidikalang coffee is also the best type of coffee in Indonesia and the world and is a competitor to Brazilian coffee. Sidikalang coffee has the smoothest texture in the world that you can find in various parts of Indonesia.

There are still many other authentic Indonesian coffees that have unique flavors and are very well known throughout the world, and some of them are even rare coffees and have very high prices per cup. Hopefully, this review can add to your insight about the best Indonesian coffee variations with high quality that are not inferior to other famous types of coffee.

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