3 Most Common Coffee Brewing Mistakes With a French Press

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French press is one of the manual brew methods that coffee connoisseurs worldwide use when brewing coffee. However, with the simplicity of this manual brew, it turns out that many people make mistakes when brewing coffee. This manual brew method is straightforward and provides a delicious taste of coffee that is not inferior to today’s modern brewing tools. However, many make several mistakes when using this coffee brewer, some of which we will review in the following article.

Coffee Weight and Unbalanced Water Ratio

The first mistake when brewing coffee using a french press is that the weight of the coffee and the ratio of water used is not balanced. Like brewing coffee using other manual brew tools, the French press also requires a balanced ratio of water and lots of coffee.

coffee brewing weight

Everyone has different tastes in how to brew coffee. However, it is better to keep the coffee balance and the ratio of water used properly so that the coffee brewing results are also maximized.

The comparison of brewing coffee, namely coffee, and water used in the French press method, is 1 in 10 or at least 1 in 12. Therefore, if too much coffee is used, then the coffee is too strong. Meanwhile, if the water is too much, then the result is too bland.

Incorrect Milling Lever

When brewing coffee using a french press, the ideal grind level to use is medium to coarse. It’s good; also, use the best grinder so that each piece of coffee beans is consistent and precise. Of course, this will also affect the final result of the coffee you will drink.

In addition, when brewing coffee using a french press, make sure the grinder is at the appropriate level because if it is too fine, then the taste of the coffee is too bitter. Meanwhile, if it is too coarse, then the coffee taste is not strong or even sour.

The best way to tell if the grinder you are using is not too fine or coarse when brewing coffee is to press the plunger. If the coffee grinder you are using is too fine, it won’t be easy to press the French press plunger. Meanwhile, if it is too rough, the plunger will be pressed very easily because no pressure is generated.

Coffee is not consumed after brewing.

Most people say that the taste of coffee from the first cup is very different from the second cup in a french press. This can happen because, after brewing, coffee and coffee that is still left in the french press will continue to be extracted so that the resulting bitter taste will be different from the first cup.

The error of brewing coffee using a french press is arguably simple, but the consequences are fatal. For that, you should move the coffee to another cup if you don’t want to finish the coffee directly. If the coffee is left in the french press, then the water that touches the coffee will continue to work so that it produces a different coffee taste, and of course, it is no longer delicious.

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