3 Rarely Known Manual Coffee Tools

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Although you often enjoy various types of coffee, many of you may not know that there are so many manual coffee brewers in the coffee industry worldwide. Not only names such as Kalita Wave, Walkure, French Press, Aero Press, Vietnam Drip, Turkish Coffee, Chemex, and pour over V60 but over time, there are so many other manual coffee tools that are no less interesting and can even be said to be unique.

In the following, we will provide some special manual coffee tools that might add to your collection.

1. Kinto Faro

Kinto Faro is a manual coffee tool originating from Japan with a shape that looks like a Walkure but still has some differences. Kinto Faro and Walkure both have the form of two containers stacked on top of each other. However, the Kinto Faro manual coffee machine is equipped with a metal filter complete with microscopic holes.

The filter in this manual coffee machine is placed in a porcelain container with one hole at the bottom. While the Walkure is equipped with many spots on the sides and is not equipped with a filter, the Kinto Faro only has one hole and is fitted with a filter.

Two filters occur in this manual coffee machine, and the brew is generally full-bodied with a clean finish. The similarity between Kinto Faro and Walkure lies in the white color, design, and the same material made of high-quality porcelain.

2. Bodum Pour Over

Pour Over is a manual coffee tool that may already be very famous in the same class as Chemex, Kalita, etc. However, for Bodum Pour Over, there may still be many who don’t know and may not even have heard of the coffee brewer. If seen, Bodum Pour Over’s design is almost similar to Chemex, which is like an hourglass shape.

However, this Bodum Pour Over manual coffee tool does not need a paper filter because it is equipped with a special metal filter that has a bulkhead. Unlike the metal filter on the Albe Kone brand, this Bodum Pour Over has other microscopic holes.

This inventor believes that the filter in this manual coffee machine can produce a much more optimal taste and aroma of coffee when enjoyed. This tool is available in 5 color variants: blue, red, white, green, and black, which look unique and beautiful.

3. Balancing Siphon Coffee

The Siphon is a manual coffee tool that is quite famous, and almost everyone has enjoyed coffee from this tool. However, Balancing Siphon Coffee itself is a manual coffee tool with a luxurious design like the Wropa nobles, so it looks unique.

Not only does the design of this manual coffee tool look unique, but the way this coffee brewer works is also different from the usual Siphon, namely the design that looks like a scale with two other containers.

The manual coffee container on the left is a place to hold the coffee, while the right side is a water chamber which is also helpful as a teapot. The water will then enter the water chamber while the coffee is put in the container next.

After that, turn on the stove under this manual coffee tool then the water will be heated and will later move to the coffee container. When finished, the furnace will turn off automatically, and the coffee will move to the water chamber again. Because this manual coffee tool is equipped with a faucet, the faucet can be turned directly to enjoy the delicious coffee.

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