3 Types of Manual Brew Pour Over For Coffee Addicts

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So far, the pour-over is identical to Chemex, V60, and Kalita. But actually, many other types are no less suitable for you to try. This can be the type of manual brew that coffee lovers most widely used in the third order. Chemex, Hari V60, and Kalita, either flat bottom or Kalita Wave, can be found in quite a few coffee shops and even at home. For those of you looking for other pour-over products from some of the types we have mentioned above, see our review this time to add your reference for coffee lovers.

1. Bonavita Porcelain Dripper

So far, Bonavita is more famous for its kettle temperature adjustment. However, it turns out that Bonavita has also released a dripper product which is no less good. Pour over Bonavita Porcelain Dripper is made of porcelain and has a corrugated inner side and a unique design for air and water flow.

If the pour-over Kalita Wave has three holes at the bottom, the Bonavita Porcelain Dripper has four holes to give a different unique coffee taste. Brewing coffee with this dripper can give soft coffee results compared to Kalita but is more concentrated.

The pour-over made of porcelain makes the hot water well maintained. This dripper is available in two sizes, 2 and 4 cups. As for the color is available in 4 color choices that can provide coffee enjoyment while beautifying your kitchen. To use this dripper, you also have to use a Kalita wave paper filter every time you brew coffee.

2. Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

When viewed, this Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker looks like an hourglass-like Chemex but still has different characteristics, and the brewing result is also different from Chemex. In addition, Bodum is also a premium coffee brand that does not need to be doubted.

This pour-over brewer has a permanent filter mesh made of stainless steel and a body made of borosilicate glass, so it looks elegant and classy. In addition, the filter in particular also does not need other filter paper because it is already well designed.

This pour-over is equipped with rubber on the body so it will not feel hot when moved. It is available in six rubber color choices for those who want to buy this pour-over: white, green, yellow, red, pink, and black, which can be adjusted to your kitchen design. Besides being useful as a heat-resistant handle, of course, the appearance of the colored rubber can also beautify the dripper.

3. Kinto Carat Coffee Dripper & Pot

For those of you who are happy with the results of steeping bold, body, and slightly oily coffee, this pour-over Kinto Carat Coffee Dripper & Pot is the most recommended for you.

This pour-over filter is made of stainless steel with unique microscopic holes so that the coffee results will be different from other pour-overs in its class. Kinto itself is a superior coffee brand that prioritizes not only quality but also unique and beautiful designs.

The elegant and minimalist design makes this dripper not only a coffee tool in general but also has a very high aesthetic value, so it is suitable for you to have.

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