4 Types of Manual Coffee Makers that You Must Have at Home

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Coffee has become a delicious daily drink with a variety of flavors and is very appropriate to be consumed in all events. But sometimes, many people don’t have time to go to a coffee shop to buy ready-to-drink coffee. If you have this, making your own coffee at home is the most appropriate way. For those who don’t have the tools to make coffee, take a look at some of the types of home coffee makers that you must have at very affordable prices.

1. V60

The V60 that we often see in the coffee shop menu is a type of coffee maker with the pour-over method. V60 is a coffee maker made of metal, ceramic, glass, copper, or plastic shaped like a regular cup with a spiral motif.
This type of coffee maker has a hole tip that can control the extraction time, prevent the water temperature, and the coffee pieces or grind size so that later it can produce a lighter, more apparent coffee taste and has its characteristics.

2. Vietnam Drip

As the name suggests, this coffee maker uses a Vietnamese coffee brewing method using a small filter called Vietnam drip. When brewing coffee with hot water, the filter will release hot coffee droplets, slowly entering the cup. When finished and the coffee is filled into the glass, it can be added with ice cubes to serve Vietnamese iced coffee.
Vietnam drip, which is also widely served in this cafe, is considered to maintain the taste of the coffee and the fast brewing and extraction process, and the coffee results are not too dense. This type of coffee maker looks simple with a bottom filter, cup, top filter or tamper, and a lid.
There are also two types for the tamper itself: a screw tamper to provide additional pressure and a screwless tamper to apply pressure that only comes from gravity.

3. AeroPress

The next type of home coffee maker, the AeroPress, has a shape like a giant pipette but can brew coffee more efficiently, faster, and easy to clean even though the form looks complicated.
As for the AeroPress brewing mechanism itself, it looks like Vietnam Drip. But in Vietnam, drip only depends on gravity, while in AeroPress, you can use air pressure.
The coffee blend from this type of coffee maker also feels stronger when compared to the V60. This tool consists of a coffee tube, a stirrer, a paper filter, one measuring spoon of ground coffee, and a funnel or funnels to drain hot water, only available with plastic materials.

4. French Press

French Press has many names such as caffettiera a stantuffo for Italians, and cafetière piston for French people, which is a type of coffee maker with a cylindrical pot shape as well as long tools such as a mini pump or plunger and also a filter screen to press hot water so that it can penetrate ground coffee.
The hot water temperature and the pressing time will determine the coffee yield from brewing this type of coffee maker. The coffee produced from this French Press is usually like brewed coffee, but there are no great dregs that can not only be used to brew coffee but can also be used to brew tea.

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