5 Best Coffee Gears For Cold Brew

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The cold brew method is said to be the 4th generation of coffee waves. Many coffee experts say that starting in mid-2015, cold brew coffee will soon become the next trend after manual brew. This is indeed in line with so many new cold brew variants that keep popping up, which of course, should not be missed if you claim to be a coffee lover. For this reason, cold brew lovers should also know the best coffee gears that you must have to make cold brew coffee easier, such as some of the recommendations that we will give below are.

1. Toddy Cold Brew

Toddy Cold Brew is one of the best coffee gears, practical and straightforward. This tool is equipped with two main components: a brewing container for brewing coffee complete with a handle and a glass decanter for brewing results.

The shape of the best coffee gears has a simple shape and is even very easy to use for beginners. You only have to put the coffee grounds to be brewed into the container, no need to stir again but just enough to be immersed in slow motion. After that, let it sit for about 8 to 12 hours, and you’re done.

Although the method of using Toddy Cold Brew is straightforward, the brewing results from this tool are very satisfying, so it deserves to be a favorite for coffee connoisseurs. These gears also received many positive reviews from various media, such as the New York Times.

2. Hario Mizudashi Coffee Pot

Hario Mizudashi Coffee Pot is the best coffee gear with a minimalist carafe shape and has even become one of the most elegant cold brew makers for now.

This best coffee gear is equipped with two parts integrated with a maximum size picther of 1 liter, making this Hario Mizudashi Coffee Pot very easy to use.

You need to put the coffee grounds in the basket filter, pour water, and sit between 9 to 24 hours. In addition, the filter from the Hario Mizudashi Coffee Pot is also permanent and easy to clean.

3. BodyBrew Bod

The first word that comes to mind for this best coffee gear is stylish because the design looks beautiful. The sleek design also emphasizes the elegant impression of this one tool.

The impeccable style of these most OK coffee gears is, of course, also accompanied by the fantastic quality of the BodyBrew Bod. This tool is straightforward to use, not easy to spill, not easy to break and leak, which is even very practical if you want to take it on a trip.

Inside the BodyBrew Bod is also equipped with a rust-resistant stainless steel filter and is not easy to corrode. BodyBrew Bod is even said to reduce bitter acid levels and cafestol, an oil component in coffee so that your brew is ready to be enjoyed and friendly to the stomach and heart.

4. Brewover Cold Brew

Brewover Cold Brew is the next best coffee gear that is very multifunctional. This tool is a combination of Chemex and V60 so that the coffee brewing function is maximized.

The addition of a unique control valve in this best coffee gear also provides complete control when used for brewing and makes you not have to worry when the brewing process is entire.

5. Primula Cold Brew
Primula Cold Brew is the best coffee gear one-stop tool for making cold brews. The way this tool works is also the same as other brewers. That is, you only need to add coffee grounds, water and let the coffee brew.

The Primula Cold Brew carafe is made of borosilicate glass resistant to temperature changes and can be adapted to other Primula products so that it can be installed with other accessories if you want to change the function of this tool.

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