5 Best Coffee Grinders Suitable For Investment

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All coffee connoisseurs must already know that a coffee grinder is an essential investment in coffee activities, both at home and at a coffee shop. This tool makes roasted coffee beans ready to be brewed to serve a delicious cup of coffee according to taste.

The coffee grinder itself is now also very diverse, which provides different advantages in each type. However, with more and more coffee grinders circulating, consumers are also starting to get confused about what kind of coffee grinder is the best and best for everyday use. For reference, here we will provide some of the best coffee grinders that you deserve to have as an investment.

1. Hario Skerton

Hario Skerton is a coffee grinder with ceramic teeth that can chop coffee beans very finely. Getting acceptable coffee grounds depends on the power you use when grinding the coffee beans.
The coffee produced from this grinder is very consistent from the brew method to the filter method. This grinder is also reasonably easy to use, which only needs to be installed from a grinder that already has its respective partners. It is impossible to confuse them while also making it easier for you to clean the tool.

In addition, this coffee grinder is also quite affordable, so it is suitable as an investment. Like other grinders, Hario Skerton also certainly has its drawbacks: it is located in a tube that collects ground coffee made of glass, so it is a little prone to breaking if you want to take it with you on a trip. In addition, the coarse-sized coffee grinder valve is also not too tight so that when the position is not fixed when grinding, inconsistency of the grind results can occur.

2. Hario Slim Mini Mill

As the name suggests, this Hario Slim is a slimmer coffee grinder and not easily broken even though the gears and screws are the same as the Skerton. The storage tube is made of plastic, so it is safe from breaking when you take it traveling, which has even been tested by dropping it from a height of 80 cm, and there are no cracks or abrasions on the tube.

The Hario Slim is a coffee grinder that is almost similar to the Hario Skerton in that it is sometimes quite challenging to adjust the fine-to-coarse level when using the knob under the crank. However, if you are used to it, the results of the coffee grind can be consistent. For the price, it is pretty competitive with Hario Skerton but has less capacity. For those of you who want a portable coffee grinder, this tool is very suitable as an initial choice to have.

3. Porlex Mini

Porlex Mini is a coffee grinder that is very well known to manual grinder users. This grinder’s ability is extraordinary, especially from the quality of the material, because it is anti-shatter and is pretty far from damage problems.

This coffee grinder is also more compact, but the consistency, convenience, and strength cannot be considered crumbs. Of all the advantages that Porlex Mini has, some of the most important are more consistent coffee grinds, adjusting coarse or fine sizes, being easy to use, and competitive prices.

4. Latina 60ON

This coffee grinder is different from the three grinders described above. This tool uses electricity, so it can be faster to get ground coffee with this tool. This tool is indeed very suitable for those of you who need several cups of coffee in a short time. Just put in the coffee beans, press the button, and the coffee grounds can be used.

This coffee grinder from Yang Chia Machine Works is better known to Indonesian users with its Latina name is very consistent and can adjust between coarse and fine sizes. This tool is straightforward to use, and the price is also very competitive. The weakness of this grinder is a mandatory power source, and also, the size of the tool is reasonably large, so it is a bit challenging to carry around.

5. Baratza Encore

This coffee grinder is no longer in the home class because of its very high capabilities. This coffee grinder is from an early course but still capable is very easy to use, and the excellent consistency of the grind are some of the advantages of this grinder.

The Baratza Encore is more suitable for use in coffee shops and is the right size but can only be operated with electricity.

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