5 Important Tips for Cleaning a Coffee Maker

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Unlike cleaning other tools, cleaning coffee makers is not easy, and there are still many people who often clean various coffee makers the wrong way. So that the quality and cleanliness of the different coffee machines you have are maintained and do not affect the results of brewing coffee, here we have exciting tips that you can practice at home.

1. Don’t Use Detergents or Chemical Cleaners

Many people think that washing and cleaning coffee makers, especially manual brewers, servers, and cups, is like cleaning plates, glasses, and various other eating utensils. But actually, the use of detergents or chemical cleaners that are often used to wash kitchen utensils should not be used for coffee machines.
Coffee is susceptible to taste, so if the detergent settles on the rinsed coffee utensil when cleaning the coffee maker, it will make the coffee taste reduced or even disappear altogether while still smelling the detergent aroma in your coffee.

The best way you can clean your coffee maker is to use only water. Meanwhile, to remove coffee residue that is still difficult to remove, you can use vinegar or baking soda and lemon or lime juice which are much better than detergent.

2. Don’t Wash If It’s Still Hot

We often clean the coffee maker immediately after use when in a hurry, even though the tool still feels warm or even hot. If the coffee maker you have is made of porcelain, glass, and ceramic, you should let it sit until it cools down before it can be washed, which helps maintain the coffee utensil and protect your hands.
In addition, some of the glass coffee utensils are also of low quality, so that if exposed to hot and cold water nearby, it can cause the coffee maker to crack and even break.

3. Don’t Brush Too Coarsely

When you clean the coffee maker, it is best not to use iron or plastic wire, which can cause the machine to fry and leave marks. Instead, use a soft sponge when cleaning the gaps from your coffee machine.

4. Throw away the rest of the coffee when you’re done

Some coffee tools such as french press, Moka pot, Vietnam drip, and several other tools will generally leave coffee grounds on the device. So that the stain from the coffee does not leave a mark, then throw it away immediately after you finish drinking coffee. After the coffee grounds are disposed of, let the tool rest before it can be recommended by cleaning the coffee maker you have with water.

5. Dry with a clean cloth

The following way to clean the coffee maker that must be done is not to leave the coffee took too long in a wet state after washing. This is very important because some parts of the coffee machine are made of wood and other materials that are resistant to water. For this reason, after cleaning the coffee maker until it is clean, dry it immediately using a soft and clean cloth and store it back in its place.

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