5 Most Common Mistakes In Making Coffee

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Talking about eating coffee depends on the tastes of each connoisseur. However, when brewing coffee, the taste is no longer a determinant of the taste of the coffee. There are many mistakes that people often make, either intentionally or unintentionally, that make the taste of coffee imperfect. Here we will give some common mistakes in making coffee that you may also often do every day.

1. Buy Instant Ground Coffee

Instant ground coffee is indeed the most practical way to make coffee. This type of coffee will still reduce the taste of the coffee you make. Everything instant, including coffee plus a very affordable price, of course, can also provide a taste of coffee that is far from quality.
Grinding coffee beans just before brewing is indeed the only way to guarantee the freshness of the coffee taste. Even using a coffee machine requires you to use coffee beans instead of using instant ground coffee to make coffee.
However, if you don’t have a grinder, you have to buy ground coffee, then you should choose ground coffee that has good packaging, namely airtight packaging, and is sewn using an airtight system.

2. Don’t Use Burr Grinder When Grinding

The next mistake in making coffee often is not using a burr grinder when grinding coffee beans. Using an old model grinder, it can be said that it is difficult to obtain a similar grind shape in each particle, especially if you want to get a coarse grind level for the French Press.
The next mistake is often using a blade grinder that can’t control the smoothness of the coffee well. Grinders with burrs are more expensive, but not entirely. You can choose a portable burr grinder that currently comes in many variations.

3. Proper Coffee Grind Level

The enjoyment of the coffee will also be determined by the level of the coffee grinder used, and there are still many coffee connoisseurs who do not know the story of the coffee grinder perfectly. Making coffee with the pour-over method is not the same as a coffee grinder for the brew method and so on.
Not knowing the type of grind that is most suitable for making coffee using the brewing method will also reduce the yield of your coffee brewing. For this reason, it is essential to know the level of grind or grind used when making coffee.

4. The Comparison of Coffee and Water Is Not Appropriate

As we know, mixing a cup of coffee is not just a drink but also an art that requires a suitable composition when making a cup of coffee. Starting from the size of the water temperature, how many grams of coffee to be ground, and so on are essential tips in making coffee that you should know because it should not be completed carelessly.
All compositions used to make coffee must be indifferent proportions than making tea in a teapot. Now there are many available scales or scales at affordable prices that you can use to combine all the compositions of coffee making so that the taste of the coffee that will be produced is also perfect.

5. Coffee Filter Not Cleaned

Never cleaning the coffee filter is also one of the mistakes in making coffee because it can affect the taste. Especially for those of you who like to use a pour-over who always uses a cloth filter but is not cleaned regularly, the rest of the coffee from the previous brew will be left behind, which will undoubtedly affect the taste of the next brewed coffee.

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