5 Types of Espresso Machines for Home and Cafe

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As the coffee industry grows, the need for espresso machines also increases. Although all types and types of these machines are for making coffee, each machine is made differently based on the user. If you use it at home, you only need a device with a small capacity compared to a coffee machine for a cafe and vice versa. For those of you who want to buy an espresso machine but don’t know what the types of this coffee maker are, here we will provide a full description.

1. Super Automatic Machine

These espresso machines can do everything from a baristas to making espresso. This machine is perfect for those of you who don’t want to bother grinding, compacting, and heating coffee in the morning. Using this coffee machine is also very easy; you only need to press one button, and you can immediately make coffee according to the menu that has been selected.

The taste of the coffee produced from an automatic espresso machine generally has a flavor that is almost similar from one device to another. The difference lies only in the functional and programming options. This super-automatic machine is more appropriate for home use, so operating it is also not difficult.

2. Automatic Machine

This automatic espresso machine is often called a pod coffee machine with the characteristics of requiring capsules to make coffee. Some coffee connoisseurs think this espresso machine is reasonably practical because the coffee made can be adjusted to what is needed, namely one coffee capsule to be drunk.

In addition to how to use it is very practical, the advantage of this coffee machine lies in a more attractive design with a futuristic style.

3. Automatic Dolce Gusto Machine

This espresso machine is perfect for those who love coffee and want to be a barista at home. This coffee machine makes users have to measure the coffee made with the appropriate dose.

If the machine is semi-automatic, some of the functions usually included are a boiler, portafilter, and a lever to produce extraction. But in this espresso machine, you have to grind and blend the espresso before extracting the coffee. This machine generally consists of 2 types, namely:

  • Manual control: The process of pouring coffee must be stopped manually when the run coffee is deemed sufficient for the needs, which generally occurs for 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Programmable doses: How many ml of coffee can be determined later, and the machine will stop automatically when the coffee has reached the specified quantity.

4. Manual Machine

The manual espresso machines have an exquisite shape according to function but also still look classic. This type of coffee machine puts the wearer in complete control when making coffee.

When you use this espresso machine, you have to grind the coffee beans yourself to tamp, adjusting the temperature and pressure and the extraction time. This machine usually has functional and complete features such as a boiler, steam pressure gauge, portafilter, and manual lever for manual espresso extraction.

5. Professional or commercial machine

This espresso machine has a large and powerful size which is usually used more complex and for more technical use. Usually, this coffee machine can use 40 to 50 amps of electrical power in a capacity of 220 volts. This espresso machine also consists of more than two groups, namely having a unit or separate steam boiler.

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