6 Must Have Coffee Machines in the Office

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The office is an area for employees to work and a meeting place for business partners and guests. Having coffee machines in the office is the right choice which can certainly shorten the time when serving a cup of coffee to guests. But before you choose a coffee maker, several considerations must be made according to the office’s needs. As a reference, we will provide a selection of coffee makers that are very appropriate for use in the office.

1. Practical and Easy Coffee Pod

A coffee pod is a very easy coffee maker because only by inserting pods or coffee capsules into the machine, 1 cup of coffee can be enjoyed quickly so that it is the best choice for the office area. Compared to other coffee makers, this coffee pod is the easiest to use and easy to clean.
You also don’t need to be afraid of making mistakes in measurements and messy coffee grounds because they are packaged in small bags of the appropriate size. Although the price of this coffee machine is somewhat higher when compared to the drip method, this tool is much more practical to use in the office while also having a variety of flavors so that more employees can use it in the office.

2. Espresso Type

This coffee machine can process coffee beans or ground coffee that has variations in terms of model, function, size, sophistication, and price so that it can be adjusted to the needs of your office. This machine can produce delicious espresso quickly, so it is also often used in cafes or coffee shops.
For professional coffee machines generally have a maximum pressure of 9 bar. Meanwhile, to produce a perfect espresso shot, it takes 25 to 60 ml of coffee that has been brewed in the first 20 to 30 seconds. A professional can use this tool, but all employees can also use this coffee maker very easily and practically.

3. French Press

French Press is a manual coffee machine that has long been used for coffee shops, homes and is also suitable for use in the office. This coffee maker has an elegant shape and a simple way of using it to press the brewed coffee to filter the coffee grounds at the bottom.
The brew from this coffee machine does not have a thick brew or high body without the right crema used to serve single-origin coffee such as Gayo Arabica, Mandailing Arabica, Robusta Lampung Red Cherry, and so on.

4. Vietnamese Coffee Drip

Like the Frech Press, which is very popularly used, Vietnam Coffee Drip is also widely used for coffee shops, homes, and offices. The use of this coffee maker is also quite simple, and you only need to wait for the drops of coffee to fill the cup or glass. The results of coffee using this Vietnam Drip coffee machine can even produce different premium and middle-class coffees such as Robusta coffee and so on.

5. Coffee Urn

Coffee Urn is a coffee machine like a hot water boiler-shaped dispenser with ground coffee on top. This tool is very suitable for offices that often hold meetings or training up to 20 people in one event. This coffee maker is very suitable for use in the office because it can serve large quantities of coffee for each time of manufacture.

6. Bean to Cup

This super-automatic coffee machine is equipped with a coffee bean grinder on the inside. You only need to press a button from several servings of coffee as desired, and a cup of coffee can be enjoyed. Although it is pretty practical and can serve various types of coffee, this coffee machine also has a reasonably high price, which is more than 10 million Rupiah.

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