6 Types of Kettles for Brewing the Best Coffee

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The best kettle for brewing coffee is not just a kettle that has a good appearance but also requires a lot of consideration. Kettle goosenecks are usually used to brew coffee at home or are often used in coffee shops.

Getting an exceptional cup of coffee is not easy, but that does not mean it is impossible to do. In addition to getting to know more about

  • the coffee beans that will be used
  • the ratio of coffee and brewing water
  • coffee grinders
  • and brewing methods

there is still one secret to getting a delicious cup of coffee, namely through coffee extraction and one of the things needed is the type of kettle to brew coffee.

In the following, we will provide several kinds of kettles that not only have the best appearance but are also the kettle of choice to get delicious coffee results.

1. Monarch Methods Kettle

Monarch Methods Kettle is indeed a kettle for brewing coffee that is not equipped with a handle but can still adjust the steeping temperature during pouring easily and comfortably.

Flow or the flow of water created from the kettle to brew this coffee will also come out well through the neck pipe of the kettle. Monarch Methods Kettle is made of anti-bacterial copper material and can conduct heat well so that the water temperature produced is also consistent.

For those interested, this Canadian Monarch Methods Kettle comes in 2 types of capacities, namely 320 ml and 500 ml.

2. Kalita Wave Pot Kettle

The next kettle for brewing coffee that we recommend is the Kalita Wave Pot Kettle. This kettle can flow thin and controlled steeping water because the neck hole of the kettle is slightly bent at the end.

Not only that, but the handle made of wood also makes the kettle for brewing this coffee feel comfortable to use when pouring and also doesn’t make your hands feel hot. The grip is very stable, so it can control the steeping water that comes out.

This Kalita Wave Pot Kettle is made of chrome-plated stainless steel material, making this kettle look more modern with a capacity of 1 liter.

3. Kinto Pour Over Kettle

Kinto Pour Over Kettle is a kettle for brewing coffee that comes with a futuristic design. This kettle is so light that the brewing water can be controlled well, and the flow of the water is also good so that many lovers of manual brew coffee in Japan fall in love with this kettle.

Kinto Pour Over Kettle is a design from Japan, but the factory is in China. This kettle has a brewing water capacity of 900 ml with stainless steel material and is available in 3 variations that can be selected according to taste.

4. Bonavita Digital Kettle

The Bonavita Digital Kettle is exciting because this kettle for brewing coffee can regulate the temperature of the brewing water, so you can be creative for the coffee brewing you like.

The Bonavita Digital Kettle has a brewing water capacity of 1 liter, making it suitable for coffee shops. Steep control is also very convenient, has good water flow, and gives additional features on the electric heater such as timer and temperature features.

5. Brewista Gooseneck

Brewista Gooseneck has a water flow that can be better than a kettle for brewing Bonavita coffee, even though the capacity is only 600 ml. The features on the Brewista Gooseneck are also almost the same as the Bonavita, namely using an electric heater, touch screen panel, and waterproof.

What is different from the Gooseneck Brewista is the super boil feature so that the steeping water will heat up quickly so that it can shorten your time to drink a delicious cup of coffee.

6. Fellow Stagg Kettle

The Fellow Stagg Kettle has a very distinctive design and precision grip to regulate steeping water well and comfortably. The flow of water produced by the kettle for brewing coffee is also perfect coupled with a thermometer marker on the cover to provide information on the degree of water being brewed, Fellow Stagg Kettle comes with stainless steel material with a capacity of 1 liter and can also be heated using an electric stove.

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