7 Types of Coffee Filters You Should Know

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Of course, for those who are coffee lovers with the manual brew method, you also have to use a coffee filter. But the coffee filter is not as simple as its thin and light form.

Before you use a coffee filter, you should first clean the coffee filter using hot water because the substances contained in the filter can affect the taste of the coffee.

Talking about coffee filters used for all types of manual brewing methods, not only are the ways to use them differently, but each filter is also different in terms of quality and innate taste.

To be clear, here we provide some types of coffee filters that you should know before using.

1. Chemex filters

This type of Chemex coffee filter is a filter that can provide the most transparent and neutral coffee taste. The coffee produced from this Chemex filter can give a thin texture while also providing a light floral aroma.

In addition, this coffee filter will also give a dry taste in your mouth when you drink coffee from the Chemex filter.

2. Melitta Oxygen Bleached

Melitta Oxygen Bleached is a type of coffee filter that can give off the aroma of the default paper. The coffee produced when using this filter will be heavier and also fuller in texture

This Melitta Oxygen Bleached can give a pure paper aroma without any other fragrance that will be carried away with your coffee brewing results.

3. Melitta Unbleached Natural

This Melitta Unbleached Natural coffee filter will provide a light-wilted taste for the first and second rinses. This coffee filter will also give a delicate flavor to coffee with a dryness that is also sharp.

4. Hario V60

The Hario V60 coffee filter type can provide a grassy taste for the first coffee brew while also providing a clean taste for the next brew.

This Hario V60 filter will also give a pleasant clean coffee taste with a faint citrus aroma.

5. Sock Cloth Filter

A sock Cloth Filter is a type of coffee filter made of cloth that can give a strong coffee taste.

In addition, this Sock Cloth Filter will also give off an aroma like wet wool, which some people like but other coffee connoisseurs avoid depending on their taste.

6. Able Kone

Able Kone is not a paper coffee filter but a funnel made of stainless steel, complete with a small hole at the bottom. Able Kone has indeed explicitly been designed with Chemex and other coffee tools that still support it.

This coffee filter can be placed on the Chemex but will produce a different coffee taste than the Chemex filter.

This filter also provides clean coffee results so that the coffee taste will be thicker, more robust, slightly oily and the taste of coffee is almost the same as coffee produced by the French press.

7. Able Disk

This type of Able Disk coffee filter is made of stainless steel on a plate that can be used several times. This filter can be used in conjunction with AeroPress.

This Able Disk also consists of two types, namely standard and smooth or refined with two different hole sizes and levels.

Likable Kone, Able Disk can also provide stronger, thicker, oily, and textured coffee results.

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