8 Compounds In Coffee One Of Which Is Included In The Drug Category

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Drinking a coffee cup has become a part of modern society’s life, which has even been done for a long time. But have you ever thought about what are the compounds in the coffee that you often drink? In a cup of coffee, it turns out that it does not only contain the combination we are most familiar with, namely caffeine because it turns out that coffee also has very many chemical elements in it. To add to the information, here we will provide information about the chemical content contained in coffee that you may not have realized before.

1. Caffeine

Coffee is one type of plant with a caffeine content that humans very often consume besides tea. Caffeine, one of the compounds in coffee, is also contained in the seeds, leaves, and fruit of other plants. Caffeine itself is classified as a drug and is proven safe for consumption in specific doses.
However, if consumed in excess, caffeine can cause dependence and in chronic conditions can also cause several diseases such as sleep disorders and cancer.

2. Quinic Acid

The sour taste in coffee will be determined by the amount of quinic acid, which is also one of the compounds in coffee. The level of quinic acid in each type of coffee is also different, which is also used in the medical world to make cold medicine.

3. H2O

H2O or water is also a compound in coffee that cannot be separated. The chemical content in coffee is also crucial because 70% of the body consists of water. Even so, the water content in this coffee is sometimes reduced due to the drying process of the coffee beans. However, the water content in coffee also remains part of the chemical compounds in coffee beans.

4. Ethyphenol

This compound in coffee is a substance that gives coffee its unique aroma. This substance is also similar to tar and also contains pheromones.

5. Dicaffeoylquinic Acid

Compounds in coffee are antioxidants that are very useful to ward off free radicals. Although the antioxidant levels in coffee beans are indeed not as high as other medicinal plants, coffee has become a source of antioxidants widely consumed by people worldwide.

6. Dimethyl Disulfide

In coffee beans that are still green and have not been dried and roasted, the compound in coffee, namely dimethyl disulfide, is also high. The substance that makes human feces smell like the smell of sulfur compounds.

7. Trigonelline

Trigonelline, which is one of the compounds in coffee, is very useful for protecting teeth. Although coffee drinkers generally have a black tooth color because of these substances, this compound will protect the teeth, not easily cavities.

8. Niacin

The compounds in coffee are not very good for the body because they can absorb several vitamins. For this reason, drinking coffee is recommended not to exceed 3 cups per day so that the vitamin content needed by the body in these various processes is not lost too much because of coffee.

Of the many compounds in coffee, there is one compound included in the type of addictive substance in drugs, namely caffeine, so that it can make someone who drinks too much coffee feel the effects of dependence on coffee. For this reason, you should not consume too much coffee so as not to harm your body.

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