9 Unique and Unusual Coffee Servings From Around the World

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Coffee is not always black, and it is evident from several countries that also have coffee offerings with various mixtures that sometimes look strange, making it different from other coffee dishes. In this review, we have some unique coffee choices that are very interesting for you to try when you visit the country.

1. Vietnamese Egg Coffee

The egg coffee served in Vietnam is more of a food than a drink. This unique coffee’s main composition is two egg yolks mixed with 1/2 teaspoon of condensed milk, vanilla extract, and honey, then shaken until fluffy.

After expanding, then just mixed with Vietnamese coffee, which is still hot and dark black. The egg mixture will float to the top, and you can enjoy this unique coffee while eating the floating egg using a spoon, or you can drink it directly according to your taste.

2. Turkish coffee

It used to be said that families in Turkey have their secret coffee recipes. How to make this unique coffee is generally done by brewing coffee grounds that have been ground very finely in a typical Turkish pot called a cezve. The coffee will later be sweetened and also boiled several times over the fire with excellent results.

3. Kaisermelange Austria

Kaisermelange, or if interpreted to mean a mixture of emperor style, is a unique coffee drink that is very famous in Austria. The composition of this coffee is dark roasted coffee, egg yolk, sugar, and cognac. Some Austrian people sometimes also mix the egg yolks with sugar and also a little milk.

4. Italian Romano Espresso

Residents of Italy are already very well known as coffee connoisseurs and good at concocting unique, very delicious coffee recipes. Italians often serve espresso with a lemon wedge on the side of their cup. The goal is that when they sip espresso from the cup, the sweet character of the espresso can be more exposed because of the citrus produced by the lemon.

5. Café au Lait France

Café au Lait, a unique French coffee, is made from brewed coffee and steamed milk in equal proportions. Meanwhile, to add flavor, they usually mix the coffee with chicory.

6. Cafe Bombon Spain

Cafe Bombón is a unique coffee drink popular in Spain, especially for those who like sweetness. This coffee is made from extra strong coffee mixed with sweetened condensed milk.

7. German Pharisäer

German society is said to be an expert in making drinks warm, including coffee. Pharisäer is a unique German coffee made by adding two ounces of rum in coffee.
The coffee used is generally dark roasted and then mixed with rum and sugar for flavor. As an added finishing touch, they also added whipped cream on top.

8. Swedish Kaffeost

Kaffeost if translated, means coffee cheese wherein making this coffee is made using hot coffee added with a piece of diced cheese. The cheese used is a Finnish product called Leipäjuusto, or bread cheese.

If in Finland, cheese bread is usually served as an accompaniment to coffee. But for the people of Northern Sweden prefer to put the cheese slices directly in the coffee. The cheese will then melt and absorb the coffee but not until it melts.

9. Qahwa Saudi Arabia

Qahwa is the name for Coffee in Arabic but is also a unique coffee dish from Saudi Arabia. Although making coffee is similar to Turkish coffee, the coffee beans used are green. The coffee will be mixed with cardamom and several other ingredients such as saffron, rose water, cinnamon, and cloves.

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