AeroPress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press

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AeroPress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press, 1-3 Cups – Makes Delicious Coffee, Espresso, and Cold Brew in 1 Minute.

AeroPress Go Portable

IT’S ALL ABOUT TASTE – ON THE GO: The AeroPress travel coffee press makes smooth, delicious coffee without bitterness, unlike slow brewing methods and French Presses.

PERFECT FOR HOME OR TRAVEL: The AeroPress Go features a small size that makes 1-3 cups per press. Perfect for traveling, camping, boating, and more! Features a mug and lid that double as a traveling case.

PORTABLE AND VERSATILE: The rapid, total immersion brewing process brews hot coffee or espresso in a minute. Brews cold brew coffee in two minutes.

EASY AND CONVENIENT: Brew anywhere! The AeroPress Go is simple to use, and clean-up takes seconds.

350 MICRO-FILTERS INCLUDED: No grit in your cup like with a French press. Smooth, flavorful coffee on the go!

Material Polypropylene, Free of Phthalate, Free of BPA
Brand Aeropress
Color Grey
Capacity 8 Ounces
Item Weight 318 Grams


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