Get to know more about the specialty of Liqueur Coffee

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Currently, the trend of developing coffee drinks is expanding so that there are various types of flavors from coffee that have unique and delicious flavors, such as liqueur coffee. The mixture of coffee and alcoholic beverages is also the latest trend that you should try. Then, what exactly is this alcoholic coffee in terms of taste, aroma, features, and the first inventor of this unique coffee? Check out our review this time for a full explanation.

Origin of Liqueur Coffee

Coffee mixed with alcoholic beverages was first discovered in Italy, wherein in the 18th century, Frederick the Great was brewing coffee using champagne.
When traders from Venice introduced coffee beans to the plains of Europe, Italy also deepened the brewing process, which is no longer just brewing ordinary coffee but also turned into works of art. Italy continues to grow and finally found various new coffee names that maybe some of them are rarely known, such as liqueur coffee.

Types of Liqueur Coffee

Liqueur coffee is now available in several types. For example, the liqueur coffee called Caffé Borghetti from Fratelli Branca is made from coffee beans and brewed with the same concentration level as espresso.

In addition, there is also Galliano Ristretto, which is strong black coffee with a vibrant liqueur taste, almost the same as a full pressurized shot of coffee. Various other types of alcoholic coffee are tailored to everyone’s tastes and creations.

Liqueur Coffee Flavor

This liqueur coffee has a bitter taste, like espresso coffee. This coffee trend also influenced distilleries in America. Then chicory coffee was introduced as the main menu with the addition of vanilla flavor using Yirgacheffe coffee from Ethiopia.

Meanwhile, from a different company, liqueur coffee with a soft taste is mixed with rum so that it presents a type of liqueur coffee called Coffeed Negroni with a flavor that is not too sweet but balanced.

But for now, when you hear liqueur coffee, what immediately comes to mind are Sheridans and Baileys, namely 2 Iris Coffee brands that are very global. Although Italy invented this coffee, it was Ireland that later popularized this type of alcoholic coffee.

Liqueur Coffee Development

An American writer then brought this Irish Coffee to America after he drank the coffee at Shanon airport. Since then, Irish coffee or liqueur coffee has spread and is known in America and several other countries.

The variety of liqueur coffee is growing and is no longer only mixed with rum or whiskey but also used many other types of liqueur according to each country. It also produces a variety of different names.

As for Indonesia, some coffee shops, huge cities can also be found in Irish Coffee, wine coffee, and other liqueur coffees depending on each shop that sells the coffee.

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