How to Buy the Best and Quality Coffee

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Although almost everyone always drinks coffee, it is not necessarily possible to know which type of coffee is the best and high quality. Coffee also contains both detailed and specific substances, so if you don’t understand the quality of coffee, you could be wrong when buying coffee, which, of course, also affects the taste and aroma of the coffee. Here we will give some tips that you can use when choosing coffee with the best flavor and aroma, so you don’t regret it.

1. Buying Coffee in Powder Form

If you do not have a tool to grind coffee at home, then, of course, you will buy ground coffee. Ground coffee can be purchased in a ready-made package, and you can also purchase coffee beans and then ask the shop to grind the beans. However, coffee that has been ground in powder form cannot be judged whether it is the best coffee because it has been mixed.

But there are still several ways to get the best coffee when buying, namely by researching the aroma of the coffee. Quality coffee will give a very distinctive coffee aroma. Meanwhile, coffee that is not of good quality will give off a musty aroma that is a sign that the coffee has been around for a long time and may also smell like plastic and other scents.

Meanwhile, in terms of taste, poor quality coffee will taste something unrelated to the taste of coffee at all. In comparison, the best coffee should be able to provide a variety of after-taste coffee. If the coffee you drink has a fishy taste, then it can be a sign that the roast is too dark and not the best coffee.

Meanwhile, if there is a sour and uncomfortable taste like vinegar, it is possible that there was a wrong process in the process of making the coffee before you bought it, and it is also not a feature of the best coffee.

2. Buying Coffee in Beans

To find out the best coffee you buy in the form of beans, and you can see whether or not the shape of the coffee beans is good. From the figure of the coffee beans, it can be seen whether the coffee is of good quality or not. There are several characteristics that you can pay attention to when buying coffee, including:

  • Beans look deformed: In coffee terms, a defect in the coffee bean means that the coffee bean is no longer perfectly shaped like a hole in the surface of the coffee bean, which could be due to a pest attack. Besides being caused by pests, damaged coffee beans can also be caused by other processes so that it cannot be said to be the best coffee. Coffee that is not of good quality generally has a lot of damage around the coffee beans.
  • Different colored beans: The best coffee beans have a very uniform color. However, if in one package of coffee beans, the color of the coffee beans is not uniform, such as some coffee beans that are lighter in color than other coffee beans, then the quality of the coffee beans is poor. Generally, the light color of the coffee beans occurs because the process of picking the coffee beans is not done carefully. The coffee beans that are still young and have been selected will affect the taste of the coffee you buy.
  • Coffee aroma: Like coffee that has been ground into a powder, the best coffee should not have an unpleasant aroma in the coffee beans and also not be contaminated with other fragrances such as rubber, fishy, ​​plastic, and so on.
  • Taste just like coffee: The best coffee beans should have a different flavor and only taste like coffee. This is different if the coffee is not of good quality, so it will taste too sour or taste a little weird.
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