How to Drink Good Coffee Etiquette?

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Some coffee connoisseurs may already know that drinking a cup of coffee has its ethics, like drinking wine, and has become an unwritten rule among coffee connoisseurs worldwide. Some things are considered taboo and are rude when sipping a cup of coffee, especially in a formal setting. So that you are not mistaken, especially when visiting several countries, it’s a good idea to learn about some coffee drinking etiquette from around the world as we provide the following.

1. Pay attention to the location of the little finger

The first etiquette of drinking coffee is to pay attention to the location of the little finger. When holding a coffee cup, don’t stick your little finger but hold the cup with all your fingers and separate the little finger.

2. Don’t Add Ice Cubes

The second etiquette of drinking coffee is not adding ice cubes to coffee. When enjoying coffee that is too hot, what is often done is to add ice cubes to the hot coffee. However, this should not be done because it is considered to blame the ethics of drinking coffee.

3. Don’t Add Anything

Many people often dip something in their hot coffee, such as dipping biscuits, bread, and other snacks. However, according to the ethics of drinking coffee, this should also not be done unless you are enjoying coffee in an informal situation.

4. Remove the spoon from the cup

The next coffee drinking etiquette that you should not do when drinking coffee is to leave the spoon in the cup after stirring the coffee. Better, put the spoon on the base of the cup or plate that has been provided.
In addition to some of the ethics of drinking coffee that we have mentioned above, there are still several different ethics from other countries that are very unique, including:


  • Add 1 Cup of Water

The etiquette of drinking coffee in Italy when entertaining guests with a cup of coffee, be sure to prepare a glass of water along with the coffee which Italians use to remove the taste of coffee after drinking.

  • Order Coffee After Meal

If you visit Italy, make sure not to order coffee before or during meals but after eating. In addition, the coffee called is Espresso and not coffee added with milk. However, Italians also often add liquor to their coffee as an addition.

  • Don’t Order Espresso to go.

In Italy, you can only enjoy a cappuccino in the morning, and it must also be drunk before eating. As for drinking Espresso, you have to down the Espresso like a shot standing at the bar, which is also one of the ethics of drinking coffee in Italy.


  • The etiquette of drinking coffee in France is also unique because people there usually drink café au lait in the morning with a large cup to dip their croissants into the coffee.
  • French people also usually will hold the cup with both their hands.
  • Ordering drinks with a coffee flavor is also taboo because they only drink coffee, don’t drink beverages that taste like coffee, and don’t order coffee with added whipped cream.


  • The etiquette of drinking Turkish coffee is unique because black Turkish coffee will always be drunk after eating and is made very hard.
  • After finishing enjoying a cup of coffee, they will also provide Turkish sweets that can be enjoyed.
  • They also never glug coffee and prefer to enjoy coffee slowly because glugging coffee is considered taboo.
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