Know More About An Advanced Coffee Tool Named Vacuum Pot

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A vacuum pot, also known as a siphon brewer, is one of the oldest and, at the same time, fun methods of brewing coffee. According to the story, this siphon first appeared in Germany around the 1830s. However, the patent was issued by a woman from France named Jeanne Richard for the first time. Since it was invented and patented, the siphon doesn’t have any significant design changes. The current siphon is not much different from the siphon in the 1830s, including some well-known siphon products such as the Bodum siphon, Kono siphon, and the Hario siphon.

Siphon Lower Chamber

This vacuum pot coffee maker has two chambers, namely the lower and upper chambers. The lower section will be filled with water and then heated to a specific temperature. The upper section is filled with ground coffee, which is positioned right at the top so that it functions like a seal that covers the water in the lower chamber.

This is what makes the water in the lower chamber of the vacuum pot evaporate and then produce pressure. The pressure of water vapor trapped in the lower section will later push the water up towards the top, namely the upper chamber, through a glass pipe and a filter that has been installed.

At this stage, the water temperature in the vacuum pot is generally below the boiling point and is perfect for making coffee. However, the brewing process will still be left for the desired time so that the water that has been mixed with the coffee can still be brewed perfectly. It is essential to keep the burner burning in the chamber so that the brewing process can also be adequately maintained.

Siphon Coffee Process

To complete the process of brewing coffee with a vacuum pot, all you have to do is remove the heater or furnace at the bottom of the chamber. When the water vapor has cooled, it will condense back into the water and produce a vacuum that pushes the coffee from the upper chamber through the filter and then back into the lower section. As for the coffee grounds, they will be left in the upper room of the vacuum port, and the brewed coffee will remain in the lower chamber, ready to be poured and enjoyed.

Siphon Additional Accessories

A separate heating device is required to use the coffee brewing method using a vacuum pot. Several types of vacuum coffee pots have also been specially designed to fit when used on a stove or kitchen stove. However, some other vacuum pots also use alcohol-burning candles.

Meanwhile, in Japan and some coffee shop specialists, the heater usually used in vacuum pots is a halogen lamp positioned under the brewer. For some users, this heater may indeed look ineffective. However, it looks stunning and very unique, so it is often used as a photo object in addition to enjoying the coffee from the vacuum pot.
Vacuum pots that use halogen lamps are usually used in Japan and also some specialist coffee shops.

Filters Used In Siphon

Generally, most vacuum pots or siphoned use a cloth filter that will wrap a metal disc. But the most important thing to do is to keep the filter cloth clean.
After use, the cloth filter in the vacuum pot must be cleaned immediately by flushing it with running hot water. If you don’t use it for a few days, you can clean the vacuum pot filter using a special cleaning soap.

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