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Today’s increasingly advanced technology makes it easier for us to make our delicious cup of coffee at home, such as using a home coffee roaster.

In the past, it might have been a strange thing if people had bought raw coffee or coffee that is still in the form of green beans and roast it at home. However, after the Second World War, many people spent more time at home than enjoying coffee outside the house, which made home roasting increasingly developed.

For coffee fans or commonly known as coffee purists, roasting your own coffee at home with a coffee roasting machine is a unique thing that cannot be replaced. However, this activity also has its challenges, namely roasting results that can be the same or close to commercially roasted coffee quality.

Like any other hobby, home roasting can also lead to failure or success because the perpetrator continues to learn and experiment with coffee roasting machines.

According to James Hoffmann, a World Barista champion who is also the author of the book The World Atlas of Coffee, coffee roasting can be done anywhere as long as the coffee roasting machine produces or releases heat.

For example, you can even put raw coffee beans on a baking sheet, put them in the oven, and wait for them to turn brown even though it will be horrible if you look at the results. In addition, you can also roast or roast coffee beans with the traditional method on a frying pan but with results that are not as perfect as a coffee roasting machine.

Some early roasters usually use a heat gun and stir the beans regularly during the roasting process, or you can even modify an electric popcorn machine. This kind of coffee roasting machine is considered the most decent compared to the previous tools for practicing coffee roasting.

In addition to having a system almost the same as a coffee roasting machine, an electric popcorn machine can also roast coffee precisely with a maximum time of between 4 to 5 minutes. However, this machine is also not reliable if you want to try the light roast type.

If you want to roast coffee at home well, then buying a coffee roaster is an irreplaceable method. For beginners, it would be better to start roasting coffee on a small scale first, such as using Gene Cafe, Hario Mini Roaster, Coffee, Giesen, Feima, Probat Toper, and so on. As for the home roaster machines commonly used in the coffee world, the drum roaster and hot air roaster are also used.

Hot Air Roaster

This coffee roaster can be said to imitate the system on a commercial fluid bed roaster machine. The hot air pressure will later stir the coffee beans to produce an even roasting while preventing excessive heat, burning the coffee beans.
This type of coffee roasting machine is usually cheaper in terms of price when compared to a drum roaster. It is the right choice for those of you who are just starting to want to dive into the world of coffee roasting, especially if you don’t have previous coffee roasting experience.
This coffee roasting machine can produce more smoke and aroma when the roasting process is in progress. However, you can work around this by placing this machine in a well-ventilated area.

Drum Roaster

This type of coffee roasting machine has an almost similar design to a commercial drum roaster machine. The coffee beans will be fed into and rotated evenly in the drum while the preheating process progresses. The drum in this type of roaster is specially designed to keep the coffee beans turning regularly so that the ripening process is also evenly distributed.
Some drum roaster machines have their programming options, so you can use them for experimenting if you want to create a roasting profile that suits you.
The heat intensity of this coffee roasting machine can also be adjusted during the roasting process, where the machine will automate the following process according to the heat intensity you previously set.

How to See Perfect Roasting?

Ideally, the filtering process on a hot water coffee roaster will only last for 8 to 12 minutes. A drum roaster is usually slower than a hot air roaster by about 10 to 15 minutes, depending on how many beans you roast.
If the coffee tastes bitter, then you may have roasted it too long. Meanwhile, if it lacks flavor or sweetness, then chances are you are also roasting it for too long. Meanwhile, if the coffee tastes a bit sour, grassy or astringent, this generally occurs because the roasting process is too fast.

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