Know More About Coffee Taste Profile Before Buying

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For those of you who already understand coffee, of course, you are familiar with the taste profile of coffee, so it is not difficult to choose which coffee to buy either online or come directly to the roastery. However, coffee connoisseurs who are still beginners still need a lot of references before purchase coffee beans.

This is very important because the coffee bean packaging is always written on the character profile of the coffee bean, such as being processed with the honey process and so on. So that you don’t buy the wrong one, here we provide the best way to get to know better about the character of the coffee bean.

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1. Determine Coffee Character Strength

Knowing the taste profile of coffee can certainly give you an idea about the coffee bean, even though it’s only a picture, such as fruity writing on the packaging, semi wash, entire body, and many more.

By knowing some of these coffee bean terms, you will later determine what kind of coffee flavor profile you want, whether it is balanced, more acidic coffee, etc.

2. Experiment with Single Origin

To determine the following coffee flavor profile, you can experiment with other single origins. Too often, buying 1 type of coffee bean is, of course, sometimes dull, and a desire arises to try different coffees.

To find out the taste profile of coffee, you should try to buy two different coffee beans, and after brewing, you will know the difference between the two types of coffee beans.
Experimenting with two different single origins will help you to find the coffee flavor profile that suits you.

Although sometimes it is difficult to say how coffee tastes, you can only understand how delicious the coffee is if it has been drunk.

3. Talk to Other Coffee Connoisseurs

You will not know the taste profile of coffee better if you always enjoy the coffee alone. It would help if you discussed it with other coffee connoisseurs to understand the difference between coffee beans better.

Some coffee lovers say that delicious coffee is coffee that has a long aftertaste. While some say that coffee is difficult to describe because it has a complex taste, each person has a different profile of their favorite coffee taste.

Discussing with fellow coffee connoisseurs will undoubtedly broaden your horizons about coffee flavor profiles, and you can get to know more about the roast date, flavor profile, origin, and so on.
Meanwhile, if you decide to buy coffee online, then it’s better if you look for eCommerce that can provide fast response chat so that your questions about the coffee beans you are going to buy can be immediately explained.

After knowing the taste profile of coffee, then how to store coffee must also be considered well. Keeping coffee beans is closely related to a natural process known as degassing. The release of carbon dioxide and the number of compounds released will also affect the taste of coffee.

For that, the best solution is to have a manual grinder at home so that you only grind the coffee beans when they are consumed. If you store coffee in powder form, the natural process will run faster.

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