Please get to know White Coffee and its Benefits for the Body

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White coffee has nothing to do with civet coffee or other drinks such as flat white and the like. Suppose you are familiar with the word white on the menu at a coffee shop which refers to the drinking flat white, piccolo latte, cappuccino, and also latte, then this time. In that case, we will review in full explaining if this is not included in any drink class.

What is White Coffee?

White coffee is a very different kind of drink from Yemen. The name white coffee itself is not used because there is a lot of milk content used. White coffee is a coffee drink made from roasted coffee beans with a light roasting level plus a low temperature and far from standard roasting. For this reason, the coffee beans produce a color that is not dark.

After the coffee is specially roasted, it will be remixed with one of the typical Yemeni spices, namely Hawaij, and freshly brewed to produce white coffee. This type of coffee itself has become an ancient tradition of Yemeni society since 5000 years ago.

Currently, Yemen can enjoy white coffee because many countries, including the United States, have started serving this drink menu. Not only delicious and unique, but white coffee also has many health benefits.

Benefits of White Coffee for the Body

From the opinion of a doctor named Dr. Ben Zion said that white coffee is a health elixir. This can happen because the process of roasting coffee beans is only done briefly. According to him, the longer the coffee beans are roasted, the greater the oxidation process.

While the short roasting process, such as in making white coffee, can produce chlorogenic acid, which can protect human body cells from the oxidation process and also implementation so that white coffee is believed to be a delicious drink for health, such as some of the benefits that we provide below.

  • White coffee can reduce the risk of cancer and stroke.
  • This drink can help you lose weight by burning fat more and faster.
  • It prevents memory loss and also keeps skin looking smooth.
  • It makes you able to stay alert, focused while preventing dizziness.
  • It can protect the body as well as the brain.
  • I am helping someone to be more refreshed and energized when experiencing depression.
  • Can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.

How to Drink White Coffee

This coffee itself has a mild, bean-like taste with a hint of Hawaij. In addition, many people also drink white coffee with a mixture of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves.

Hawaij itself is used in Yemeni tradition to mix the sweetness in coffee and impart a savory flavor to soups. Hawaij was also initially used by Yemeni farmers to aid digestion after a large meal.

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