Reveal 6 Ways to Make Great Barista Coffee

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It can be said that making coffee is an art and not just brewing ground coffee with hot water, but several ways can be done so that the taste of the coffee you get is also very varied. Later, each of these methods will provide a unique coffee taste and have its advantages. For you coffee connoisseurs, it’s good to try some of the techniques we will give below.

1. Single Serve Coffee Machine

How to make coffee using a single-serve coffee machine is perfect for those of you who don’t want to bother making a cup of coffee because ground coffee is packaged in 1 package and is in accordance with the dose for 1 cup of coffee called a coffee pad.
You only need to put the packaging in the coffee machine and just boil it like how to use an espresso machine in general.

2. Drip Method [Drip Coffee]

Making coffee, also called the filter method or drip pot is still the most popular way of brewing coffee because it is more efficient and straightforward.

  • There is a filter that will be filled with ground coffee between 2 cups.
  • The bottom cup will be filled with water which is then heated to a boil.
  • The appliance is then removed from the stove and turned over.
  • The water will then flow through a filter that has been filled with ground coffee.
  • The liquid will then drip on the coffee cup that was previously above.

3. Cold Water Method

How to make coffee with the cold water method is also often called cold brew coffee. To make coffee using this method requires patience because the coffee must be left for about 12 hours, and then it can be served.
Making this coffee is suitable for a stomach that is sensitive to the acid in coffee. In addition, this coffee can be served hot, plus ice cubes or with other ingredients such as chocolate and ice cream. Making coffee is starting to be loved in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. As for the concoction, it can vary depending on the creativity of the barista.

4. Vacuum

The following way to make coffee is with a vacuum technique or also called a siphon. This tool for making coffee is relatively slow, and the process is unique.

  • For this method of making coffee, the water will be heated to a boil in a glass teapot.
  • While above the teapot is placed a glass vessel that has been filled with ground coffee.
  • The hot water will then rise to the cup of ground coffee and then stir for about 1 minute.
  • In the glass, the coffee can be served but still with the dregs.
  • After the temperature of the lower glass cup cools down, the coffee water in the glass will drop due to gravity and the pressure difference.
  • Coffee grounds will be left on top because filter paper has been added, and the coffee is ready to be enjoyed.

5. Percolator [Coffee Filter]

How to make this coffee using a percolator, a coffee maker used before the drip coffee method was invented. For now, this method of making coffee can be found in several old films.
The water will flow in circles through the reservoir at the bottom.
Later the coffee will flow into the ground coffee above it and increase until it finally becomes a cup of coffee.

6. Chemex

How to make coffee with the Chemex technique was created by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm, Ph.D., in 1941. The design looks elegant and how to use it is also reasonably straightforward, so that until now, it has become an exhibit in several world-famous museums.
To make coffee using Chemex, you only need to place a filter or filter paper on top of the tool and add coffee grounds.
Slowly pour in hot water and just wait for the coffee to drip from the filter.
Thus, our review of several ways to make coffee that uses a unique coffee maker and produces different coffee flavors. Some of the coffee-making tools mentioned above are not too expensive, but some have a reasonably high price and are even rare.

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