The 4 Most Used Popular Coffee Tools

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Nowadays, there are many popular coffee tools you can have to make your coffee at home and even be taken on the go. Not only very helpful for making coffee, but these various tools also have attractive appearances ranging from those that look unique, classic, portable, and many more so that they can be adjusted according to taste.

Maybe some people who prefer antique designs will prefer a kettle like the Yami Royal Swan Kettle because it has a unique design. As for those who are happy with a luxurious arrangement, they will choose a different coffee tool. Of the many coffee tools, several popular coffee tools are most widely used, and we will explain them below.

1. Coffee Maker

There are many types of coffee makers to choose from today. Starting from the dripper method, automatic and so on which can be adjusted to the needs of coffee such as in large quantities of more than 1 cup to the automatic coffee maker which is much sought after so that it becomes one of the popular types of coffee tools that are widely used.

As for the famous coffee tools sought after, they are Delonghi Coffee Maker, Chemex Ottomatic Coffee Maker, and Kitten Aid Pour Over Coffee Maker. However, each device certainly has its weaknesses, including the coffee maker. The coffee ratio must be done carefully to use this popular coffee tool so that the taste character remains consistent for the next coffee dish.

2. Ice Coffee Maker

To enjoy cold coffee such as cold brew, there is also a separate tool that aims to give the character of the coffee a much more interesting taste and is also one of the popular coffee tools that are widely used.

Some of the famous cold brewers also have dripper or immersion applications, and some can be directly brewed with an ice cube, and some use the cooling method.
Different types of cold brewers are used. Of course, the way to make ice coffee is also other, so you have to understand the popular coffee tools used. Some of the most sought-after ice coffee makers include Bruer Slow Drip Cold Brew, Bodum Ice Coffee Maker, and Toddy Cold Brewer.

3. French Press

The French Press is the following popular coffee tool that is most often sought after by coffee lovers. This tool is straightforward to use, so it is widely owned even in almost every house people who like to drink coffee.

To use one of these famous coffee tools, you only need to add coffee grounds and water and then attach the plunger to separate the coffee grounds from the coffee grounds. This tool is also efficient because it does not need a paper filter, and also with the plunger making this tool more and more sought after because of its convenience.

The downside of this famous coffee machine is that it must be done carefully so that no coffee grounds remain in either the French Press or the plunger when cleaning. At the same time, the French Press that is most often sought after is the Hario French Press Wood because it has a beautiful design.

4. Pour Over

This popular coffee tool seems to be a must-have for every coffee shop, and it is proven that almost all coffee shops use Pour Over, especially coffee shops that are always crowded with visitors.
In addition to adding a more delicious coffee flavor character, this popular coffee tool also uses a unique brewing process, namely slowly pouring hot water from the kettle to the dripper that already contains ground coffee and using a paper filter.

Like other popular coffee tools, this Pour Over also has a weakness: you have to be more patient to enjoy coffee from this tool because the process takes longer compared to other devices.
Those were some of the popular coffee tools that are in great demand today. All of these tools have their advantages and disadvantages so that they can be tailored to the needs and desires of each user.

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