The Best Manual Coffee Grinder You Must Have

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When enjoying a cup of coffee, many may not realize that a coffee grinder is an essential tool because people usually only buy coffee in powder form. But keep in mind that purchasing ground coffee can reduce the enjoyment and freshness of the coffee to be brewed.

The best method to delight in fresh coffee is to buy coffee that is still in the form of beans and to purchase a manual coffee grinder that is smaller sized in size so that it can be brought anywhere and is likewise more budget-friendly in regards to rate. Here are a few of the most suggested kinds of manual coffee grinders.

1. Rhinowares Compact Hand Grinder

Rhinowares Compact Hand Grinder is a manual coffee grinder with a simple shape and simple design suitable for everyday coffee making. If you are an Aeropress lover and often use manual brewers, then this manual coffee grinder is the easiest choice to use.
This coffee grinder is also equipped with an adapter that can grind directly to the Aeropress, and the whole package is equipped with a protective carry bag to protect the grinder when traveling.

2. Hario Grinder MCM

Hario Grinder MCM is a manual coffee grinder that is also suitable for coffee lovers. This grinder is made of ceramic for a burr grinder that can grind coffee well. In addition, this grinder also comes with a wooden design so that it looks more unique. Having a manual coffee grinder is not only necessary when you want to brew coffee, but it will also add beauty to a room because of its luxurious design.

3. Lido 2 Hand Grinder

Orphan Espresso is a well-known brand in the coffee industry that later released a manual coffee grinder called Lido 2 Hand Grinder, which looks sturdy and comfortable in hand.
This manual coffee grinder has a transparent design with a sturdy handle to make it easier for users to grind coffee.

The Lido 2 Hand Grinder is also equipped with a Micrometric Stepless External Grind Size Adjustment System that can be used for various brewing tools and is also equipped with a quality burr.

4. Porlex Mini Hand Grinder

The next must-have manual coffee grinder, the Porlex Mini Hand Grinder, has been loved by coffee lovers for a long time. The design of this coffee grinder looks simple, light, and small in size but with extraordinary coffee results.
Despite being small, this manual coffee grinder still has a ceramic burr that can produce consistent and precise ground coffee and is very easy to carry anywhere.

5. Zassenhaus Coffee Grinder Panama

Zassenhaus Coffee Grinder Panama is a manual coffee grinder from Germany made of high-quality stainless steel material, which is different from other coffee grinders.
Although this manual coffee grinder has a small size, from its weight, it turns out to be quite heavy, so that it makes this coffee grinder more robust and more sturdy when used to grind coffee. As for the results of ground coffee, it is confident that it is of high quality because it is also equipped with a ceramic burr.

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