The Most Ideal Coffee Brewing Temperature For Perfect Results

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Temperature is an essential thing when brewing coffee to produce a full cup of coffee. If you are a coffee connoisseur using the manual brew method, then, of course, you already know what things are essential to do to get a cup of delicious coffee. From the selection of fresh coffee beans, the ratio of water and temperature are crucial factors that should not be underestimated. So that you can get to know the best coffee brewing temperature, you should take a little time to read the article that we will provide below.

What is the Importance of Water Temperature?

Of course, everyone, even beginners, already understands that brewing coffee must use water to remove the taste from the coffee grounds, called extraction.

Coffee brewing temperature is critical in the extraction process. If the water you use is too hot, the coffee will be too bitter. Vice versa, if the water you use is too cold, then the results of your coffee brewing will be too acidic, and the taste is also not too strong.

The Ideal Temperature For Brewing Coffee

From the National Coffee Association, the best coffee brewing temperature is 195 degrees Fahrenheit to 205 degrees Fahrenheit or, in other words, 90 to 96 degrees Celsius. But unfortunately, many people are used to using temperatures below 90 degrees Celsius when brewing using the manual brew method.

The temperature of brewing coffee is indeed back to each coffee connoisseur. However, you should not use temperatures exceeding 96 degrees Celsius because it will make the coffee taste bitter, and the taste of the coffee will also disappear faster.

How to Control Water Temperature

So that you can control the temperature of brewing coffee, there is a simple way you can do that is using a thermometer.

In addition to using a thermometer, you can also control the temperature of brewing coffee by using a gooseneck kettle that is equipped with a temperature controller on the inside. One of these boilers is the Bonavita kettle which is already equipped with a temperature controller to quickly boil water and adjust the water temperature you want to burn.

The critical thing to remember is the temperature of brewing coffee is how much temperature you use will also affect the final result of the coffee you make. For that, it is highly recommended if you invest in a tool that can provide maximum coffee enjoyment every day.

The rate of speed of water dissolving in coffee

The higher the coffee brewing temperature you use, the faster dissolving the water and coffee you are brewing is. At the same time, the water-soluble level in the ideal coffee is 1.25 to 1.45 TDS which will undoubtedly give a final quality result.

Suppose the temperature for brewing the coffee you are using is too cold. In that case, the water will be difficult to dissolve and will pool on the surface of the dripper if you brew using a pour-over which is certainly not suitable for your coffee.

For that, use the right coffee brewing temperature so that the water does not dissolve too quickly with the coffee and does not stay in your coffee for too long.

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