Tips for Choosing an Espresso Machine for a Mobile Coffee Shop

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It is not unusual if, in some developed countries, there are so many coffee shops that do not require extensive land to start their coffee shop business. This is because some developed countries do need coffee in their routines, unlike in Indonesia. People there usually visit coffee shops to buy and immediately continue their activities without lingering in the coffee shop.

Many people also carry a KeepCup cup to reduce the number of instant cups when drinking coffee. Opening a mobile coffee shop without an espresso machine can still be done manually using a Flair or Presso Skirt.

However, there are still differences between espresso made manually and using an espresso machine.

However, for those of you who want to start a mobile coffee shop business equipped with an espresso machine, it’s a good idea to consider a few things first, and some of these tips can be used as additional important information before starting your dream mobile coffee shop business.

Espresso Machine Type

The first thing to consider is the type of espresso machine chosen according to your needs. You can choose an automatic device that is easier to operate without the need for special techniques and select a manual machine like the one on the coffee shop bar table to serve coffee made with the expertise of the baristas.

This espresso machine will also have to be adapted to the mobile coffee shop that you will create, whether it is in the form of a coffee cart or a car that is converted into a minibar. Make sure you choose an espresso machine that is suitable and comfortable when used to make espresso for consumers.

Single or Double Group

If you want to have the most minimalist size to make the coffee shop bar table too narrow, then the best espresso machine choice you can use is a single group. However, if the needs of your coffee shop increase and more customers come, then the double group is the most appropriate choice to meet all consumer needs in a fast time.

How is the heating system in the boiler?

Today’s espresso machines are usually equipped with a heating system using gas to heat the boiler. This is, of course, very useful for mobile coffee shops in saving electricity resources used.

However, the types of espresso machines are also different, some are equipped with gas for the heating system, and some have separate gas heating and electrical systems. For this reason, the heating system in this boiler is also fundamental to consider before you buy the espresso machine. As an additional tip, espresso machines that use the gas heating feature take longer to heat the water using the boiler when the device is first turned on.

Generator Electrical Needs

The power source is also an essential consideration before you choose an espresso machine. Are you going to use a power generator or decide to rent someone’s house electricity and use it using a long cable?

If you want to create a coffee shop that doesn’t spend too much time traveling to various places, renting electricity at someone’s house is the right choice. But if you want to create a coffee shop that travels a lot to multiple areas, then a power generator is the right choice for you.

The power source will later provide electrical energy to the electric grinder if you use it, espresso machines, and various other coffee tools that require electricity. But what must be considered is the noise and smoke that comes out of the generator. For this reason, many mobile coffee shops prefer to rent electricity from someone’s house when they are staying somewhere to serve coffee to their customers.

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