Types of Manual Coffee Makers that are Suitable for Home

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A manual coffee makers is a tool used to make coffee without a machine, or it can be said how humans move the device without the help of a machine. A manual coffee maker or a manual brew is often used to mix coffee in cafes or coffee shops.

Selling manual coffee makers has become a profitable business considering that coffee lovers in Indonesia are also increasing. Here we will provide the types of coffee makers that you can use at home.

1. V60

When you go to a shop selling manual coffee makers, the V60 becomes a coffee maker we often encounter, namely coffee tools that use the pour-over method.

The shape of this coffee brewer has a unique physique with a very distinctive brewing method. V60 is made of glass, ceramic, metal, plastic, to copper. Usually, selling this V60 manual coffee maker is shaped like an ordinary cup with a spiral motif.

The V60 has a hole tip so you can control the temperature of the water, control the extraction, and grind the coffee’s size. Later, the coffee from the V60 will feel lighter, more transparent, and also has nuances.

2. Vietnam Drip

The Vietnamese drip is the following manual coffee maker that we often encounter in shops selling manual coffee makers. As the name suggests, this manual coffee maker comes from Vietnam which uses a small iron filter. The coffee will then be brewed with hot water, and the filter will slowly drip coffee drips into the cup.

After the coffee is wholly entered into the glass, it will be added with ice cubes, and Vietnamese iced coffee is ready to be enjoyed.

This method of making coffee is very popular with coffee lovers, and the brewing and extraction process is also speedy, with the result that the coffee is not too dense.

3. AeroPress

When viewed from the shape, this AeroPress does look unusual and different from other manual coffee makers selling. This coffee maker is straightforward, faster, and easier to clean than other manual coffee makers and the brewing mechanism is almost similar to the Vietnamese drip.

The coffee produced by AeroPress will also taste stronger. The difference lies in the Vietnam drip, which depends on gravity, while the AeroPress uses air pressure. At the same time, the AeroPress section consists of a paper filter, a coffee tube, a stirrer, a scoop of ground coffee, and a funnel or funnel to drain the hot water.

AeroPress Portable

4. French Press

French Press has many names, such as caffettiera, a stantuffo in Italy, cafetière piston in France, and many more. French Press is generally a cylindrical pot with a long device such as a mini pump or plunger, and a filter that presses hot water through the ground coffee.

Generally, the coffee produced from this manual coffee machine is ground coffee but without pulp. The French Press itself is not only used for coffee but can also be used to brew tea.

5. ROK Presso

ROK Presso is no stranger to espresso or espresso-based coffee lovers in a place that sells manual coffee makers. The brewing results from this manual coffee machine are close to espresso from a real professional coffee machine.

ROK Presso has the advantage of determining the type of ground coffee to be used, the desired temperature, and the required pressure. Compared to standard espresso machines, this ROK Presso does not require electricity.

6. Chemex

The first time, Chemex was discovered by Peter Schulmbohm and produced by Chemex Corporation in 1942. The coffee method with Chemex is the infusion method. In terms of taste, it is not much different from other drip coffees. However, the coffee that Chemex produces is slower and has a more intense flavor.

7. Bialetti Moka Pot

Bialetti Moka Pot is very popular, especially in European countries and including Indonesia. Bialetti Moka Pot is also known as Moka Espresso or Moka Elite but with a coffee-making process that is not too difficult.

The water will be heated at the bottom of the container, releasing steam and pressing the ground coffee in the center of the container. Later the pressed coffee will rise to the top container and in the afternoon to be poured.

8. Bodum Coffee Maker

The Bodum Coffee Maker, which has a transparent plastic design, is also quite popular in places selling manual coffee makers. Making coffee with this tool is also not too difficult because there are on and off buttons to control it.

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker
Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

You need to store ground coffee and add water, then press the on button and wait for the results.

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